Awesome August 5 is a special loan promotion that allows members to access up to $25,000 XCD for any purpose including back to school, travel, carnival, graduation and other expenses with a maximum term of seven (7) years and repayment of approximately $468.50 monthly.


Promotion Name: Awesome August 5

Period of Offer: July 1st – August 31st, 2019

Duration of Loan: Maximum of 7 years

Quantum of Loan: Up to $25,000.00 XCD

Repayment: $468.50 monthly

Disbursement time: 5 working days

How to apply

Join Ariza Credit Union

  • $200.00 in qualifying shares plus, $20.00 entrance fee
  •  Proof of address
  •  Two (2) pieces of photo ID
  • Recent pay slip/ job letter

Combined Equity Shares and Lifetime Savings:  20% of the requested amount in unencumbered shares of which $200.00 must be in the Equity Shares account for loans $10,000.00 or less and $500.00 – $1,000.00 minimum for loans over 10,000.00

Terms and conditions

  1. Must submit most recent payslip; that is, the last two pay slips and job letter
  2. Must be in good financial standing
  3. Two years in current job
  4. Application by appointment
  5. If applicant is short of the 20% but has a minimum of 8%, then the additional amount would be deducted from the disbursement and added to the shares
  6. Repayment by salary assignments/deductions where applicable
  7. All loan applicants will be required to have an IDC card
  8. Proceeds of the loan to be deposited to savings
  9. All applicants must sign up for mobile and on-line banking
  10. Six months borrowing rule: waiver of the six months membership rule for borrowing

Cash payments or waiver of salary assignments/deductions would be approved on a case by case basis.



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