Giving back is what we do. At Ariza we love to give back to the community and more so, we love to give back to you. So go ahead and indulge in the perks of being an Ariza member; this page was created for you.

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Awesome August 4

Your August is about to get Awesome at Ariza!

From June 15th to September 30th we’re giving our members loans up to the value $25,000.00.

Now you can graduate, celebrate, rejuvenate, send your kids through the school gate looking AWESOME!

So whether your prepping for your graduation ceremony, planning a memorable family getaway or gearing up for an unforgettable summer, here’s more information on how  you can apply and get your loan in just five working days!


How to Access Your Awesome August Loan

If you’re an existing member, be sure to review the eligibility requirements below. Not an Ariza Credit Union member? Access your Awesome August loan by pre-registering to become a member here or visiting your nearest Ariza branch.

Eligibility and Terms and Conditions

Maximum Repayment Amount:

$450.00 monthly up to a maximum period of seven (7) years

Share Requirements (unencumbered shares):

  1.   S0: $200.00
  2.   Combined Equity and Lifetime Savings :20% of the requested amount in Unencumbered shares of which $200 must be in the S1 account for loans $10,000 or less and $500-1,000 minimum for loans over 10,000


  1.    Six Months borrowing rule:        

Waiver of the six months membership rule for borrowin

  1.  If applicant is short of the 20% defined in (10) above then required amount would be deducted from the disbursement and added to the Shares
  2. Subscription to IDC & Mobile & Online Account  Access


  1.  All loan applicants will be required to have an IDC card.
  2. Proceeds of the loan to be deposited to savings
  3.  All applicants must sign up for mobile and online banking

Eligibility Requirement:

  1.  Repayment by Salary assignment/deduction (Waiver of salary deduction requirement to be done on a case-by-case basis on the approval by Executive Management
  2. Must submit most recent pays lip, that is, the last two pay slips and Job Letter
  3. Must be in good financial standing
  4. Two years in current job


Awesome August 4