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Own Your Own At Ariza

Our Own Your Own Loan Promotion is the opportunity that you have been waiting for to. Meet that need,  that want and  that dream.

Specially designed for our members, is this offering where you will own your home, ride and freedom!

Promotional period: December 01st 2016 – June 30th 2017

-2575Days -17Hours -44Minutes -38Seconds

What you need to know

Own your home

Your home is where your heart is. At Ariza, we want to make it easier for you to achieve it. For a limited time you can take advantage of a very low mortgage rate. You can build your own home or find out about our partnership with Legend Way International at Ridgeway Residences.

Ridgeway Residences is a housing development in the hills of Morne Jaloux with well-appointed views, modern, comfortable and spacious home designs which are customizable to your preferences. Designs are available in single, double and three bedroom varieties, and can be customized with car port/garage.

Use this opportunity to own your slice of Grenada by choosing to purchase land for future building or investment.

Own your ride

Whether new or new to you, a pair of wheels is far more than a convenience, it is a necessity. Loan options are available for any budget and vehicle preference.

Don’t miss the special limited time offer of 6.99 %

Own Your Freedom

Consolidate your Debts into your mortgage now. Speak with us about how doing this can allow you to have more money in your pocket monthly. Bring all your loans and debts and make one payment at Ariza e.g. Credit cards, hire purchase etc. .

Loans available at the rates listed below:
LoanInterest Rate
Land Purchase6.99%
House Purchase5.99%
House Construction5.99%
Mortgage Transfer5.99%
New Vehicle Purchase8.99%
Used Vehicle Purchase8.99%
Debt Consolidation into Mortgage6.99%
Limited Time New Vehicle Purchase6.99%