Ariza Annual General Meeting

At the Ariza Credit Union, we’re always expanding our horizons and pushing forward with the same values. 

It’s always a pleasure to gather with our loyal members to discuss how we’ve performed as the Credit Union each year.

This year we opted for a change of venue and hosted our Annual General Meeting at  Spice Basket in Beaulieu, St George’s. It was a great opportunity for our management, staff and members to mingle and socialise. We discussed what was achieved by the Ariza Credit Union in the past year such as the $650K incentive payment to members last year. We also announced our plans to build a Credit Union in Carriacou, which is fantastic news for our fellow Kayak members across the water.  

It is incredibly important that members partake in these annual meetings as it is not only an easy way to keep up-to-date on the news about the Credit Union, but it’s also an opportunity to get your voices heard, raise any issues you may have and address them to the board and management team.

We were pleased that quite a few of our members expressed that they were happy about our rebrand.

“The Ariza brand is a fantastic development for the Credit Union” an excited member applauded.

They also expressed the comfort they felt being part of a Credit Union;

“It speaks of being part of a family. It speaks of being part of a movement. The Credit Union movement looks after the welfare, not only of the poor people but the middle class and if it were the upper-class level, it will also look after you” expressed another”

Overall this year’s Ariza General Meeting was a success, and we were pleased to see our members freely expressing their thoughts.

We encourage every member of the Ariza Credit Union to visit our Facebook page often for frequent updates. Be sure to keep updated with Ariza!


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