Picture where your home will be

That look of conviction; we know that face all too well, when you come in to see us, having spotted a plot of land that you have high hopes for. We love that look, because to you it’s not just a patch of earth, it’s your dream and we want to make that dream come true.

Whether you intend to build now or years from now, Ariza Credit Union can get you started on the path to your home.

  1. Low interest rates, with up to 10 years to repay your loan
  2. Flexible repayment options
  3. Make extra repayments to pay off your loan faster.
  1. Have at least 10% of the requested amount deposited in your regular shares account
  2. Life insurance is required if the desired amount is greater than EC$54,000.00.
  3. Must be secured by a first legal mortgage over the land and/or building.
  4. Mortgage Fee, 1% of the Loan Amount
  5. Conveyance Fee, 1.5% of the Loan Amount
  6. Re-conveyance Fee, a fixed amount of $288.50 upon the full loan repayment

Loan Requirements

  1. I am having trouble this month making the payment.  What should I do?
    We encourage you to contact your Loan Analyst immediately upon experiencing difficulty making your payments.  We will work with you to find a solution.
  2. My loan is on automatic payments it is due on a weekend or holiday, when will it post on my account?
    Automatic payments are scheduled to transfer to the loan in the evening.  In the event that the payment is scheduled for the weekend or a holiday, the payment will transfer to the loan the next business day, in the evening. The delayed processing will not negatively impact your account.  
  3. My payment might be a few days late, will there be a fee?
    No late fee will be applied to your balance, however, your interest due to date might exceed your regular monthly payment. Contact your loan analyst to find out the implications of late loan payments on your account.

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