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Ariza is a member centered institution focused on providing world class service to locals at home and abroad. It is easy to become a member of the Ariza Credit Union and to reap the benefits, rewards and advantages you will have by joining such a vibrant, growing Credit Union. Membership is open to all Grenadians by birth, descent, citizenship or marriage.

Allow yourself to explore what Ariza can offer to you and your family. Experience financial independence, access to affordable loans, and savings accounts where you can actually see your money grow. Ariza is a place to borrow, save, grow your wealth and learn about managing your money.

With three locations island wide, access to your finds at over 17 locations  locally and over 30 million through our Ariza Connex(R) Visa(R) international Debit Card, becoming a part of the Ariza Credit Union is the right choice for a person like you.

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Allow yourself to explore what Ariza can offer to you and your family. Join our family today and start your journey to financial freedom.