Do you have enough to meet your retirement needs?

Retirement is a stage in our lives that few of us are willing to think about because it’s usually in the distant future.
Be prepared! Start saving now with Ariza’s Retirement Saving Plan.

Why do you need a Retirement Savings Plan?

  • To live a comfortable lifestyle after retirement
  • At retirement you will not be earning a monthly salary
  • You are ready to set money aside and out of reach until your Golden Years
  • Our plan enables you to make contributions on your own behalf into an account and thereby build assets on a long term basis  for a pension at retirement.
  • Your sum at maturity will depend on number of years in the plan and the level of saving.
  1. Open to all members of Ariza Credit Union
  2. It’s affordable. Initial minimum contribution of EC$50.00
  3. The plan is for a minimum period of 10 years or until the member’s 55th birthday, whichever is later
  4. Premature withdrawals are discouraged
  5. Flexible maturity pay-out options
  6. If death occurs before maturity, the fund balance will be paid to your estate or named beneficiary
  7. Regular monthly deposits
  8. Request a lump sum payment of all funds on the account
  9. Transfer the funds to any other savings instrument in the Credit Union
  10. Convert the funds to 10 or 15 year annuity with monthly payments over 10 or 15 years

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