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Have you got yourself an Ariza Visa® International Debit Card yet? This card is all about your flexibility, it gives you better access to point-of-sale terminals locally and internationally. It reduces the need to carry around cash and allows you to purchase items online and wherever they travel. After all, who doesn’t love the convenience of shopping online.

What’s more, with this card you can experience all of the above in collaboration with the Grenada Co-operative Bank. Together we have branded this partnership as the “Connex® Experience”, as we connect together to serve our members and customers better.

Main benefits

Minimal Cardholder fees is one of the most attractive features of using your Ariza Visa® International Debit Card within the Grenada Co-operative Bank and the Ariza Credit Union’s shared network of ATM and POS devices. The co-operation between the Credit Union and the Bank through the Connex® brand will incorporate standards for higher quality, better delivery of service and lower fees for this product. We have even created a new unit in order to manage and respond to members’ needs in a faster and more efficient manner.

Local and international convenience

With point-of-sale terminals available nationwide, you have the added security of not having to walk around with a lot of money and the comfort of not having to go through the hassle of going to the Credit Union or the ATM every time you want to make a purchase. It is as easy as just swiping your card at your favorite store or restaurant.

The Visa® and PLUS signs say that your Ariza Visa® International Debit Card is accepted at all ATMs in the Visa® PLUS® network and over thirty (30) million locations to make purchases worldwide. Just look for the signs and you know that your card will be accepted. Whenever you travel you need not worry about purchasing foreign currency, or travelers’ cheques.

Your money is secure with the Ariza Visa® International Debit Card; it is accessible to you anywhere and at anytime.

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