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At Ariza Credit Union our Excel account was specifically designed to reward secondary school children, with the aim of encouraging good performance in academics, as well participation in approved sporting, athletic and artistic activities. Backed by the Ministry of Education, students are encouraged to work hard and save for their future and the reward is an additional EC$25 in their Excel accounts if they achieve an A average on their report card at the end of the term. When it comes to young people, we know attractive prizes are always a great incentive and there is lots of them. So here’s the lowdown on how you join this cool Excel Club.

  1. Fill out the application form and submit it to your nearest Ariza branch
  2. Make sure you have the picture ID or Birth Certificate of the student.
  3. All students will be admitted! To qualify for rewards, ensure that report books are submitted within one month of the end of the school’s term.
  4. Upon graduation from secondary school, the Excel account will be turned into a full membership account and students can apply for our Brighter Futures scholarship. 

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