We’re about our members

The Credit Union Movement was established to propel the lives of ordinary people. It was established to give you the freedom to reach for your dreams, finance your home, business and educational development. Ariza is a symbol of the growth of credit unionism in Grenada, after all we grew from a group of 12 public servants to over 8000 members,  a small desk in a government office to three branches across the nation and point of sale access across the world with our Visa® International Debit Card. We want to set even higher standards and reach for higher levels of member satisfaction and financial freedom.

So what’s the difference between a bank and a credit union, well we’re trusted by millions of people around the world. Unlike a bank and larger financial institutions, we’re able to put your well-being first with our unwavering support and commitment to the communities we serve.

For years, we have been admired as an innovative, pioneering leader within the credit union community. We are proud to continue this tradition by offering a one-of-a-kind member experience that will be the model for credit unions in the future. At Ariza, we commit to being forward thinking and proactive about making our members happy and excited about being a part of a credit union.

Just like you, we look into the future and we want to alter the perception of credit unions into a more positive, attractive choice for all.  Our brand, our credit union and our brand ambassadors represent our beliefs and our goals of providing financial solutions and promoting a culture of responsibility and sustainability.

At Ariza Credit Union we can offer you:

  • Affordable services tailored to your needs
  • Tips on how to avoid fees so you can grow your wealth
  • Competitive rates on loans
  • Attractive rates on savings
  • Free financial workshops
  • Advice from our knowledgeable staff
  • Educational information and online resources
  • Secondary and Tertiary scholarships
  • A lifetime membership

Go Beyond Regular
Start Saving

Allow yourself to explore what Ariza can offer to you and your family. Join our family today and start your journey to financial freedom.