Enjoy a guaranteed rate of return on your funds with an Ariza term deposit.

Sometimes you need to put away some money for a specific purpose and time period, which is why we created a fixed deposit, which allows you to stash your cash for up to three years. A minimum deposit of EC$1,000.00 is required to open a fixed deposit and over a period of one year you can earn 2% interest and an investment over three years can earn you 2.25% interest compounded annually.
The interest made over the years along with your original deposit will be paid to you at the end of your specified time period, which is a great way to save and earn more money. What’s more,  you can also reinvest or deposit the funds to any of your other savings or loans accounts.

  1. Earn rates of up to 2.25%
  2. Terms available up to 3 years
  3. No monthly account or application fees
  4. Guaranteed rate of return
  5. Minimum deposits starting from $1,000

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