Ariza’s New Advertisement!

We couldn’t wait to share our latest commercial with you, it’s everything Ariza stands for; nurturing; care and support. If you haven’t seen it yet watch check it out now.

In every scene someone is by your side just when you need them the most, that someone is Ariza! Sang by our talented Grenadian vocalist “Sabrina Francis”, we want you to know that Ariza Credit Union is sensitive to the needs of all our members and we are more than ready to welcome new members. We’ve had so much great feedback so far! With our new fresh, soulful ad.

Here’s a peak of some awesome reviews!

‘The best Credit Union in Grenada’ – Sherwin Felix

‘Really the best credit union. Feel so comfortable there and the staff are very friendly. With Ariza you can get lots of opportunities.’ – Kerra Paul St Louis

‘Great service and friendly staff always willing to serve you’ – Lakisha Harris

‘Best credit union ever’ – Michelle Ashton

Our team at Ariza Credit Union is passionate about helping you to reach beyond the limitations of your paycheck. We understand that every one of you has a personal dream whether it be achieving financial freedom to support your children throughout their education, renovating your home or planning to buy a new vehicle. We are here to let you know that Ariza Credit Union is happy to be your pillar.

We understand how frustrating it can be when you’re in a slump and desperately needing some financial assistance. Our goal is to make Ariza Credit Union your first choice. A one-stop-shop for all your financial business, whether it be daily banking or long term goals.

Your happiness, your peace-of-mind and smile keep us going. We are constantly evolving to respond to your changing needs because we keep what matters to you in mind. Our member service representatives will always be ready to assist.

Visit our website today! – or call tel: (473) 440 1759 / 8296 /2099. We’re anticipating your call!


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