Ariza Credit Union Collaborates with the Government to Pay Four Million Dollars to Public Officers

Ariza Credit Union has purchased four million dollars ($4,000,000.00 XCD) of Government of Grenada Bonds which were offered to public officers as a salary increase back payment. In return, Ariza will pay four million dollars cash directly into the accounts of public officers at their respective financial institutions. All payments will be made by 31st October, 2021.

This initiative is yet another way that Ariza continues to be an ally to employees in the public sector and respond to the needs of its membership in this evolving economic climate.

Lucia Livingston-Andall, CEO of Ariza stated, “Public officers are the backbone of Ariza; without them, there will be no Ariza Credit Union and we would not have been able to reap the benefits and accomplish all the milestones achieved over the last 74 years. This is our way of recognising the Credit Union’s history by supporting our members and other public servants alike. This payment will be instrumental in stimulating economic activities at this critical time in our country.”

Ariza Credit Union, formerly the Grenada Public Service Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. was formed by public officers in 1947, making it the oldest Credit Union on the island. Since then, Ariza has grown to be the largest Credit Union in Grenada and the second largest in the OECS.

Ariza is committed to its members and potential members as it makes prudent decisions with all the necessary safeguards in the interest of the Credit Union and the country.

Ariza Credit Union, Your Financial Freedom, Your Future.

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