Ariza Credit Union continues to support GRENCODA

L-R Ms. Amirah Branch – Marketing Officer Ariza Credit Union, Mr. Tyrone Buckmire – Director of Legal Aid and Counselling Clinic

Ariza Credit Union continues to pledge support to GRENCODA by donating twenty thousand dollars ($20,000.00) annually. This contribution will help the organization to continue its flagship Student Assistance Programme (SAP).

The presentation of the cheque was made to Mr. Tyrone Buckmire – Director of the Legal Aid & Counselling Clinic on Tuesday, August 31st, 2021, at Ariza’s Main Branch – Bruce Street, St. George’s. The Legal Aid and Counselling Clinic was established by the Grenada Community Development Agency (GRENCODA) and provides psychological and legal services throughout the tri-island state.

Grenada Community Development Agency (GRENCODA) has been in operation since 1986, providing guidance and support to rural individuals, families, and communities to improve their quality of life. Through the Student Assistance Programme, students from low-income households are afforded the opportunity to obtain sound education and vocational training as many of their educational expenses like tuition, books, uniforms, and more are covered by GRENCODA.

Ariza, built on the foundation of assisting others, continually aligns itself with initiatives that improve lives and build communities and have found a true partner in this regard with GRENCODA. The Credit Union focuses on education as a vehicle of advancement and as individuals continue to deal with the challenges brought about by COVID-19, it was even more important for the Credit Union to make this financial contribution to aid in the development of young individuals who are the future of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Apart from assistance from GRENCODA, students are encouraged to sign up for Ariza’s Excel Club. The Excel Club is open to secondary students aged eleven (11) to eighteen (18) and was specially designed to reward students with the aim of encouraging excellent performance. Any student enrolled in the Excel Club gaining an A average at the end of a term is rewarded with twenty-five dollars ($25.00) to help them meet their savings goals.

Ariza continues to encourage its members and persons to make prudent financial decisions – budget, save and spend wisely amid these uncertain times. Apart from providing sound financial advice, the Credit Union offers programmes that help persons live a holistic life as they work towards financial freedom. As an institution that values quality service, Ariza is proud to be a part of this initiative that shows concern for the community and positively impact the lives of the communities in which it operates.

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