Ariza donates to GRENCODA

Ariza, Grenada’s largest Credit Union is making another contribution to the development of youth and the community through the donation of $20K to Grencoda.

Grencoda is a well-established organization, committed to providing guidance and support to rural individuals, families and communities to improve their quality of life.  This is achieved by encouraging people’s participation in community-based initiatives this will builds self-reliance and promoted opportunities for personal development and social mobility.  Chaired by Mr Terence Smith the programme has a long legacy of

Ariza Credit Union is steeped in a commitment for the development of the individual, for the pursuit of the realization of dreams, and in this mission, The Credit Union has found a worthy partner in Grencoda.  

The Credit Union’s contribution to the Student Assistance programme will go a long way in supporting the nearly 300 students who are currently in the programme.  2018 heralded the addition of 52 new students from every parish in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Ariza is involved in many initiatives which target and encourage the development of young children.  Its focus on education as a vehicle for advancement is evident in the many programmes which target, incentivize and reward students.  The Secondary School Scholarship targets students who are financially challenged. This scholarship is valid for the recipient’s secondary school life.  The “Brighter Futures

The scholarship was recently introduced and benefits students Secondary School Graduates who were part of the Credit Union’s education Savings Plan/Excel Programme.  Two awardees are chosen annually.

The Joseph Bain Scholarship rewards participants who seek to attain university or college level education.  A bursary of $30K is awarded annually to recipients from a variety of disciplines of study.

Ariza is proud to be associated with the ventures which make positive marks on the lives of people in the communities in which we operate and serve.


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