Have you ever thought about harnessing the power of the sun with a Solar Loan from Ariza Credit Union? Well, we’ve been champions of saving for years, and this is another great way to save even more by reducing your electricity bills through purchasing a Solar Water Heater. Your Solar Loan allows you to “Go Green” and do your little bit to save the environment. We’ll provide you with a list of approved Solar Water Heater Dealers to chose from.

Warm baths for you and your family no longer have to be imaginary or expensive. An average household with an electric water heater spends about 25% of its home energy costs on heating water. Using solar water heaters, which use free solar energy, can save hundreds of dollars a year. When electricity rates increase, the savings increase. The average Solar Water Heater pays for itself in about 8 years time.

Our normal Credit Union lending policies apply.

  • Low interest rates, with up to five years to repay your loan
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Make extra repayments to pay off your loan quicker.
  • Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance which must be assigned to the Credit Union.
  • Invoice or letter from the company or individual selling the vehicle showing the cost.
  • A statement of affairs showing financial commitments, monthly income and expenditure.
  • If the vehicle being purchased is a used one, a report indicating the vehicle’s age, performance and condition of the body is required from a recognized mechanic.
  • If you are entitled to concession on the vehicle, you would need to provide a letter indicating such.
  • Bill of sale required as security and in some cases, you may need to request a co-maker for your loan.


  1. I am having trouble this month making the payment.  What should I do?
    We encourage you to contact your Loan Analyst immediately upon experiencing difficulty making your payments.  We will work with you to find a solution.
  2. What are your insurance requirements for vehicle loans?
    We require insurance coverage to cover the amount of the loan. All auto loans must have full coverage insurance that includes comprehensive and collision for the value of the loan and we must be listed on the policy as lien holder.

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