Why wait to take that vacation you have always dreamed of is what we say. At Ariza Credit Union we like to transform the lives of our members and our vacation loans surely turn dreams into reality.

Whether it be exploring Europe or visiting the theme parks around the world, don’t let your finances limit you; Ariza Credit Union can get you there.

  • Low interest rates, with up to three years to repay your loan
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Make extra repayments to pay off your loan quicker.
  • Have 20% of the amount you are requesting in your regular shares
  • A recent salary slip
  • A statement showing monthly income and expenditure
  • A letter from your employer indicating your vacation approval
  1. I am having trouble this month making the payment.  What should I do?
  2. We encourage you to contact your Loan Analyst immediately upon experiencing difficulty making your payments.  We will work with you to find a solution.
  3. What are your insurance requirements for vehicle loans?
  4. We require insurance coverage to cover the amount of the loan. All auto loans must have full coverage insurance that includes comprehensive and collision for the value of the loan and we must be listed on the policy as lien holder.

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