Interest Rates for Personal and Business Accounts

Personal Member AccountsInterest Rate (%)
Lifetime Savings2.75%
Fixed Deposit (3 year term)2.25%
Fixed Deposit (1 year term)2%
Retirement Accounts2.75%
Excel Savings1.5%
Education Savings Plan3.5%
Second Savings1.5%
Transactional Account0%
MIFI Savings (tied to MIFI loan)1.5%
Easy Saver Round Up1.5%
Trust Savings1.5%
Estate Management0%
Golden Nest2%

Business AccountsInterest Rate (%)
Business Fixed Deposit (3 year term)2%
Business Savings0.5%

Fees and Charges

FeesInterest Rate (%)
Standing Order$10.00
Wire Transfer$10.00 plus bank charges
Official Statement$20.00
Loan Payoff Letter$45.00
Annual Debit Card$21.36
Replacement Debit Card$33.00
Returned Cheque$50.00
Ariza Mobile Internet Experience (AMIE)$1.97
Insufficient Funds$0.84
OCT/Fast Funds2.15% on credits greater than XCD $100.00

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