Ariza 2020 Scholarship Recipients

On Friday 16th October 2020, Ariza Credit Union Ltd. held its Annual Scholarship Ceremony at Bruce Street, St. George. Ten (10) students were awarded scholarships to further their education at different levels bringing the total current Ariza scholarship recipients to 29.

Four main scholarships were awarded: Blue Ribbon, Secondary School, Brighter Future and Joseph Bain. The Credit Union has been making these scholarships available to students based on merit and need for the past twenty-one (21) years. At Ariza Credit Union, it is the belief that when you educate a child, you educate a generation of new thinkers who will in turn help develop our communities, society, and economy.

Mya Humphrey received the Blue Ribbon Scholarship, which  is awarded to the holder of an Ariza Education Savings Plan who achieves the highest CPEA score. Mya will be attending the Anglican High School in the new school year.

The Secondary School Scholarship is always awarded to two students based on their CPEA performance and financial need. However, this year with the effects of the pandemic felt by many, Ariza awarded an additional student. The recipients were Derrell Lambert, De Mario Francis, and Deryla Blosom Sylvester. In the new school year, the students will be attending Presentation Brothers’ College, St. Mark’s Secondary and Anglican High School, respectively.

The Brighter Future Scholarship, which assists students pursuing tertiary education at our local T.A. Marryshow Community College, was awarded to Renee Charles and Joshua Housten. Renee Charles attended St. Joseph’s Convent, St. Andrew and Joshua Housten attended St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School.

The Joseph Bain Scholarship is awarded to students attending university whether at home or abroad. The following four students were the successful candidates:

  • Britney T. Scott: pursuing her degree in Law at the University of the West Indies – Cave Hill Barbados.
  • Sharon Joseph: Student from Carriacou pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social work at the University of the West Indies – Open Campus
  • Kadisha Douglas: pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social work also at the University of the West Indies – Cave Hill, Barbados
  • Kimica Donald: pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Law at the university of West Indies – Cave Hill Campus, Barbados.

Ariza congratulates the recipients on their accomplishments and encourages them to continue to excel in their new educational journey and future endeavours.

In the words of Malcolm X, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

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