Embrace Change With ARIZA

Over the last couple months our team has been working rigorously to implement a smooth transition from Grenada Public Service Cooperative Credit Union to our new brand Ariza.

Change is a constant throughout life which is the driving force behind success and self-improvement. With change comes concerns which we are committed to alleviating through communication with our members because we want to ensure that your experience through this transition is a pleasant one.

In this month’s blog, we give an insight into what this change means by answering three frequently asked questions.

Why rebrand?

Rebranding is a form of change that is widely accepted in the business world. Through rebranding we seek to propel the growth of our credit union through new markets and  new clientele, in short, widening our appeal and reach among Grenadians. Our rebrand is not only visual but  operational as well, as we strive to make service improvements to better facilitate our members needs in terms of  faster and more efficient service delivery.

What does the name Ariza mean?

The significance behind the Ariza Credit Union brand is quite simple. The Ariza name was developed to reflect the words rising and horizon – two distinct symbols of reaching above and beyond.

The “i” in the middle of the name represents the member. We are developing the Credit Union with a focus on each member as an individual. The remaining letters are there to embrace our Credit Union membership, which stands at the heart of Ariza.

What does the change mean for members?

With this change comes a  renewed focus on members as individuals. The Ariza Credit Union will be a welcoming, all-inclusive atmosphere with consistency and professionalism. It will deliver prompt, personal attention and member care.

Ariza Credit Union will inspire innovative advancements in the provision of financial solutions and will offer more support for communities and people.

We’re still the same credit union, we are simply finding new  ways to serve you better. Embracing this change means embracing opportunities to rise above and achieve financial freedom.

We value your feedback because there is no Ariza Credit Union without you!

Visit our facebook page and look out for updates as we draw nearer to the official launch of the new brand.


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