Our New Brand Ariza Credit Union

Ariza Credit Union is the name under which the Grenada Public Service Co-operative Credit Union began trading as of December 1st 2016. Ariza credit union is more than just a new brand name. It is a symbol.

It is a symbol of our passion.

  • Our passion for Progress
  • Our passion for the well being of our members
  • Our passion for high standards of service

It is a symbol of

  • our vision for change
  • of our vision for a grass roots, indigenous financial institution widely held by ordinary everyday people;

Ariza is also a symbol of the evolution of credit unionism in Grenada

  • An evolution to higher standards
  • Reaching for higher levels of member satisfaction
  • Reaching for financial freedom.

As the Grenada Public Service Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. we have been implementing initiatives to give our members more access and convenience. Our latest effort is our rebranding and the relocation of our head office to Bruce Street. The decision to rebrand came as a result of a recognition of the changing faces of our membership, in terms of age, preferences and lifestyles. At Ariza we want to spread our appeal to ALL Grenadians. Our founding members were persons who were based in the public service. Our future members are everyone who share the core values from which we sprung and identifies with our vision.

Ariza Credit Union’s Goal is to forever be cognizant of the need to keep in-tune and in-touch with the pulse of our membership and our population. To be forward thinking and proactive about meeting their needs, facilitating their growth, and helping them to realize their dreams for themselves and their loved ones.
Our sole purpose is to serve. To serve the membership of the Credit Union whether it be through the provision of savings and investment facilities, through financial education and money management skills, through the provision of competitive loan offerings or simply through our social networking and interactions. Our goal is to improve upon the typical customer service culture by demonstrating that we can provide a more uplifting member experience. The Ariza experience.

This experience will be one which results from us continuously

  • Focusing on the Member as an individual
  • Focusing on our image in order to continue to be relevant in the marketplace and to our members
  • Focusing on our internal structures to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery
  • Focusing on innovation.

The Brand Description

The ARIZA name was developed to sound like the words rising and horizon – two distinct symbols with the connotations of reaching above and beyond.
The stylized “I” in the logo represents a person; we are seeking to develop the Credit Union one member at a time with a focus on the Individual.
The remaining letters are there to envelop our credit union membership, which stands at the heart or center of ARIZA. We strive to support and protect them in this capacity, and act as a solid foundation from which they will rise to financial success.

As a metaphor, the Ariza Credit Union brand promotes upward movement, rising and ascension to financial freedom and towards future success. The name represents nurturing, care and support and emphasizes the importance of members being at the heart of everything that makes up Ariza Credit Union.

Our colours, are turquoise and orange. Turquoise is a symbol of wisdom and protection. Deep orange is radiant, energetic and symbolizes rejuvenation, optimism and vibrancy

The Credit Union Movement

We are a Credit Union and therefore we hold firm to our credit union traditions. The traditional hands and globe logo will continue to feature prominently in what we do. Ariza complements, not replaces our traditional values. The Credit Union Movement was established to propel the lives of ordinary people. To raise them up to more than they can be individually by providing access to credit to enable them to reach beyond the constraints of paychecks. To leverage the power of cooperation so that ordinary people can realize their dreams, their goals and their aspirations. At Ariza seek to communicate this message in a different way.

Our Tag Line

Your Financial Freedom, Your Future
This tag line further expounds the role that the Credit Union wants to play in the lives of the ordinary member to assist them in gaining financial freedom, now, or working towards it in the future.

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