Ariza’s Sporting Wrap-Up

As we come to a close of the sports season in Grenada, Ariza would like to say a huge thank you to all those who came out to support talented Grenadian athletes throughout their divisions. Ariza was a proud sponsor of some of the most exciting competitions held over the past few months. From collaborating with the Ministry of Sports and Grenada Amateur Swimming Association, ensuring that the Inter-collegiate Swimming event was a success. Hosting the National Championships on Facebook live broadcasting so viewers can witness powerful athletes burn rubber on the tracks in the comfort of their home and of course the ongoing Gouyave Knockout Basketball Competition, featuring strong teams islandwide.

Tanteen Bullets swept the stadium with a leading score of 248 points from the National Championships Competition! Could you imagine over 30,000 people viewed the live broadcasting from this event? Here’s what spectators had to say from our Facebook live. 

Clevoy Depradine”Nice form Shaquanda…well done! For Intercol this year, is AHS, GBSS (Bullets) all the way.”

Lisa Pascal“If I end up in that Stadium they would surely put me out because I would of been the loudest.”

Clevoy Depradine”Must compliment you guys on your coverage of this meet. As broadcasters, you must be informed to disseminate information and you did that well. Kudos!”

Lisa Pascal” And we really do appreciate the live broadcasting job well done it always makes me feel like am in sweatsuit underneath the tent getting ready to go on the field and run one of my race. #flashback.”

On March 28th, the top eleven (11) Grenadian athletes left to the Bahamas to participate in the 2018 Carifta Games. As Grenadians, this definitely calls for a celebration! What’s even more fantastic, on March 31st we won a silver medal in the girls shot put division! See image here.

Our little island is filled with a diverse range of young talented athletes. Over the past two years, St.Joseph’s Convent St.George’s and Presentations Brother’s College have been diving deep into their practice, excelling in swimming. We will like to congratulate some of the top swimmers, such as Thabo Antoine and Jenebe Benoit and much more for their outstanding performance throughout the season and the Inter-collegiate Swimming Championships.

At this very moment, the heat is on with the Gouyave Knockout Basketball Competition! Every week teams from the entire island compete against each other, at a battle for victory. Look out for the semi-finals on April, 7th held at Gouyave Hardcourt. Here’s a short preview of the teams competing against each other;

Game 1: Southern United vs River Road Lakers.

Game 2: Sissons Sparklers vs Carenage United.

Do you see the team you’re supporting yet! Click here for more information and to view intense images from the guys playing ball on the court!

At Ariza Credit Union, we are on a mission to push young adults towards excellence, no matter their career path. When we gather in the spirit of sportsmanship and greatness we are more than thrilled. We believe the future lies within the hands of the youth and will do everything in our willpower to ensure they thrive towards excellence. Thank you! From the team at Ariza Credit Union and continue supporting our young ones.



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